• Temperature 10oC
  • Pressure 1007.6 hPa
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Transport and communications

  • 12-05-2005

Transport and Communication

   Two national roads (#12 and #27) cross in Żary. A common part of them is the towns ring-road.
The international route E-36 (Berlin - Silesia - Cracow) runs in the vicinity of the town. The road will soon be changed into A-18 express way. On this road, on the border with Germany, 30 kilometers from Żary, in Olszyna, there is one of the largest cargo terminals. The express way A-18 is marked E-15 on the German side, and it provides very fast access to Berlin along the express way system. The international airports in Berlin are about 150 - 185 km away, i.e. about 1.5 hours drive.
   Two Inter-City trains take their way from Berlin and Hamburg to Cracow via Żary There is a free Internet zone in Żary (internet hotspot) that covers the market place, Chrobrego Street as well as a part of Jana Pawła II Avenue
The distance from Żary to the Polish-German border is:
• Olszyna – approximately 30 kilometres (A-18)
• Łęknica – approximately 36 kilometres (No. 12)
• Przewóz – approximately 21 kilometres (No. 27)
• Zasieki - approximately 50 kilometres (Nos. 287, 289)
Airports near Żary:
• BBI - Berlin Brandenburg International - approximately 150 km
• in Babimost near Zielona Góra - approximately 88 kilometres
• in Rothenburg (approximately 15 kilometres from the border pass in Przewóz) - approximately 40 kilometres
• in Drewitz near Cottbus – approximately 66 kilometres.

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