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Żary – The Capital of the Polish Region of Lusatia

  • 12-05-2005

Żary - The Capital of Polish Lusatia

Żary is located on the border of the Śląska and Wielkopolska Lowlands, between two tributaries of the River Oder, i.e. the Bóbr River and the Nysa Łużycka River. The town is one of the largest economic and cultural centers in the southern part of Lubuskie Province. The population of the town is more than 40,000.
Żary, as a district town, has Tax Collectors Office, Social Insurance Agency, Labor Office, 8 branches of banks, insurance companies, junior and senior high schools, a division of the University of Zielona Góra. All the institutions serve people who live in this part of the Province.
Żary is an important industrial center which - to a large extent - results from the border location of the town. Polish-German border-crossing points are located near the town (20--40 km) - Olszyna, Łęknica and Przewóz, and the railroad crossing point in Forst. A new road border-crossing point will be opened soon in Forst/Zasieki.
Żary is also an attractive place for tourists. Almost 1000 years of the history of the town have left numerous valuable monuments. Many picturesque tourist routes for walkers and cyclists crisscross the town.
Żary is the largest town in the Polish part of Lusatia, that spreads from Bogatynia to Gubin, and it fully deserves the name of the capital of Polish Lusatia.

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